There's some general info on anti-spam with qmail here: 


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On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Hubbard, David wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>       I've been noticing a lot of spam coming in to users on my qmail
> server from popsite.net addresses.  I guess they're just a big dialup
> provider that obviously lets their users relay whatever they want
> through their server.  But anyway, the Helo, From, To, and Return-Path
> are all garbage.  The only thing that is consistent across emails is the
> path it took to get to me, and it always starts with a popsite.net address.
> I tried to put @popsite.net in my badmailfrom but that didn't work.
> Is there any way to block all popsite.net connections?  They always seem
> to come from different addresses and subnets.
> Thanks,
> Dave

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