Original Message From: Michael T. Babcock on Monday, July 31, 2000 3:04 PM
>> I would be signing my messages pgp, if I could, but I haven't gotten
>> of PGP 7 yet... and the earlier versions don't work on 2000.
>Use any version of PGP or "PGP for Windows" and use the clipboard
>1) select all text (Ctrl-A)
>2) "copy" (Ctrl-C)
>3) click on PGP tray icon
>4) click "sign & encrypt"
>5) enter password
>6) click window of program with selected text
>7) "paste" (Ctrl-V) (replacing original with encrypted + signed

Maybe you didn't understand what I said...

I can't even INSTALL the current pgp for windows.  It don't work.  Installer
doesn't run.


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