>>>>> Dave Sill writes:

DS> Sten <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I didn't see anything in the FAQ that seemed to be relevant to
>> this, and the ORNL search engine wants to split 'message-id' into
>> 'message' and 'id'.

DS> "message id" does the trick.

        Not any better than 'message-id'.  It finds what it should,
but also tosses in extraneous messages (like
- 'id' doesn't even appear as a substring in that message).  I'm
guessing that 'id' (and 'message-id') are matching the header field,
which doesn't get displayed.

DS> There's paranoia, and there's prudence. :-)

        Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that I can't do
something prudent because of it. ;)

>> My question is, is this a known problem with qmail, possibly a
>> misconfiguration or something correctable by an upgrade?  I'd like
>> to be able to tell PayPal more than "Your mailer is doing Bad
>> Things.".

DS> qmail's message ID's are of the form
DS> timestamp.pid.qmail@hostname. The only way you could get a
DS> duplicate would be if the same process ID is reused twice within
DS> the same second (the resolution of the timestamp) to send
DS> different messages to the same user.

        Are you sure of that?  It looks like the headers may have been 
lost (I should have known better than to leave the 'From ' lines
unaltered), but the lines which would seem to be relevant are:

Received: (qmail 28582 invoked by uid 99); 1 Aug 2000 02:20:39 -0000 


Received: (qmail 28583 invoked by uid 99); 1 Aug 2000 02:20:39 -0000

        I can see the timestamp in the message ID, but the process IDs
doesn't seem to match up.

DS> That appears to be what happened in your case. I take it the
DS> messages were different?

        Most definitely.

DS> One fix would be to increase the resolution of the timestamp to,
DS> say, the millisecond.

        Would that be something that can be changed in the
configuration, or would it require a recompile?

        Thanks for your help!

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