I setup qmail on a small dialup machine. All local mail is delivered normally and mail 
to the internet is relayed to smtp.my.provider.com.
My smtproutes contains the line


The problem is, that the smtp server of my provider checks the From address (or the 
domain part of it?). My hostname is myhost.local. Local mail is delivered as 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] as it should be. But mail, which is relayed to smtp.my.provider.com 
is delivered as [EMAIL PROTECTED], too. I get the following errors in syslog:

delivery 23: failure: 
Connected_to_smtp.my.provider.com_but_sender_was_rejected./Remote_host_said:_501_Sorry,_<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>_not_authorized./

Is there a way, how I could change the From-address from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]? The From-address should only be changed for mail to the 
internet. Local mail should still be delivered as [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks in advance,
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