"Chris, the Young One" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 09:12:27AM -0400, Dave Sill wrote:
>! >! This is the output of ls -dln...
>! >! 
>! >! drwxr-sr-x    2 400      400           163 Jul 30 17:50 /var/qmail/alias/
>! >
>! >Looks good.
>! Yes and no. That's the right uid but it should display as "alias",
>! not "400". Sounds like either /etc/password or getpw* is broken.
>I said to type ``ls -dln''. -d means show directory (and not its
>contents), -l means long listing, and -n means show numeric user
>and group. If it showed ``alias'' instead of ``400'' I'd say ls
>was broken. :-)

D'oh. Missed the "n". I forget: did he post ls output that showed

How about running qmail-pw2u under trace/truss/strace/par?


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