oMail 0.90a - 02aug2k

   A PHP4 based qmail+vmailmgrd Maildomain Administration Web interface

   New in this version :  - complete redesign which now only need PHP4
   ---------------------  - no more needs for mysql and the suid perl wrapper
                          - support for mail domain administrator, but also     
                            single users may login to change password, forwarders
                            and autoresponder.

   oMail is a web front end to qmail/vmailmgrd. It can be used by domain
   owners to easily administer their mail accounts without bothering the
   sysadmin. Working features: manage mailboxes (pop3) and aliases,
   change passwords, support for french, englich and german.


   Please note that it is currently Alpha-state software. I know
   there are still bugs :)

   Working demo:  (domain = / passwd = test)

   Know bugs:  - can't turn off the autoresponder in some conditions

   Many thanks to Bruce & Mike for their great support!

Enjoy! Comments are of course welcome!

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