See 'man rblsmtpd'. Briefly, you don't set the var normally. If the var
is set, but empty, rblsmtpd won't block the mail in any case. If the var
is set to an actual value, it will block the mail. You can set the var
in your tcp.smtp CDB file like so:

  63.88.133.:allow,RBLSMTPD="-Yesmail email is not wanted here"

The 'allow' is misleading. It says to allow the TCP connection, but not
necessarily to allow the mail. The $RBLSMTPD var being set
tells rblsmtpd to reject the mail.


On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 12:31:21PM +0100, Slider wrote:
> Hi,
> Some rather basic questions....
> How do I set the $RBLSMTPD environment variable in order for rblsmtpd to
> block incoming rbl mails?
> Does rblsmtpd need it's own daemon or can it be integrated with the smtpd
> daemon if so how?
> Thanks
> AC

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