On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 02:23:13PM -0400, Barton Grantham wrote:

> Ok.  I thought that maybe it should work this way, but this raises a new
> question - If I have dnscache on, how do I point my other boxes to
> it?  Or do I have to allocate two IP's for this box?  Should I have them the
> other way around: dnscache serving up dns requests and doing local lookups
> to tinydns running on localhost (ie. how John Steniger has it running; see
> next msg on list) ?

The FAQ for dnscache has a section on setting up an "external dnscache"
which is what you want to do.  I'm not clear on why you would need a
second IP, unless you are running tinydns on the same box.  If you are,
then you do need a second IP.


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