> Hey All,
>     I'm in the process of installing my first qmail server and I keep
> stumbling across more tools to install, like tcpserver, Qmailadmin,
> daemontools, ezmlm etc. Each problem\need I have leads me to a new
> "tool" and sometimes those new tools lead me other tools.
>     Example:  I just read the README for qmailadmin which says it
> requires ezmlm.
>     I was wondering if anyone could recommend a basic list of helpful
> files\tools that I should look for, and if applicable, the order in
> which I should be installing them. The server OS is Redhat Linux 6.2 and
> needs to support clients using Outlook 2000 on a 50-100 user network.
> Thanks,
> Andy Meuse

If you get the qmail tar ball, it should come with everything you need (and
probably more) expect for tcpservers.  You can run qmail without tcpservers
though inetd, but I would personally recommend switching over to tcpservers
when you put it in a productive envoriment (just for the fact that inetd
gets slammed pretty hard if your running both pop and smtp from it on mail
server).  If you got a decent proc inetd should be able to handle a 100

Maybe you should just look first setting up the "minium requirements" of the
mail servers.  For example, if users don't need aliases right now, just work
on getting the accounts working and play with the bells and whistles onces
everything else is working properly.  If they don't need virtual domains,
just work with getting other "required" funcation of the mail server.  Then
once it is setup you can explore other feartures like mailing lists.


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