Seems that Hotmail will be removed from the list of big companies using 
qmail uh ?

>by Dave Murphy, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Microsoft's free email service, Hotmail, currently boasts
>30 million subscribers. But lately it's been plagued with
>outages and security problems. In a "go for broke" move,
>Microsoft will transition its more than 3,000 email servers
>from the Unix-based FreeBSD operating system (OS) to
>Microsoft's own Windows 2000.
>If it works it will be a great PR coup. But I'm thinking that
>you should move your email account to Yahoo!,
>Rocketmail, or another free service for a few months. I'm
>thinking there's a good chance that Hotmail will bite the
>dust a few times before it all gets sorted out.
>Reviews from system administrators about the stability of
>Windows 2000 are mixed at best. It's a great system to
>learn, because it's got Microsoft's imprimatur, and that
>means there's consulting work associated with it -- some
>businesses buy Microsoft products the way they used to
>by IBM's -- purely because they don't want to think
>outside the box.
>Microsoft has been ribbed for running it's leading free
>email system on a competitor's OS, so I figure it's a
>testosterone move: get the system running on our own
>What they're missing is that FreeBSD is a great OS. It's
>been around a long time, and there's lots of technical
>folks who know how to keep it running well.
>And I'd think Microsoft would learn from it's earlier
>mistake. Back in '97 it tried to migrate Hotmail to
>Windows NT. The project got so royally hung up, they put
>the FreeBSD servers back online and scrapped their own
>Windows NT systems. Now, here we are three years later--
>well, let's just say I'm not willing to sell my front row
>tickets to this show.
>I hate to see a great company fall down in public, and I'm
>a big fan of Microsoft's applications -- they're pretty easy
>to use, and they keep business users humming along. But
>in general, most Unix servers are more stable than
>Windows NT/2000 servers. The Windows servers just
>have too much OS overhead.
>I've got my seat, popcorn in hand. Somebody dim the
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