Hello again!

Thanks for the tip on procmail, looking at it, it seems to be more a
personal solution..... apologies for not being clear, is there a bulk method
of scanning viruses?



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* Slider  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Please can anyone inform me as to the best anti virus package that is
> not going to cost me an absolute fortune and is really reliable to
> plug onto the server side!

Use procmail to filter out all attachments. Keep a LART at hand in case
your cow-orkers start whining. Make them fear you. Tell your management
to release a policy on the grounds of which anyone sending or receiving
binary attachments will be sacked immediately.  Works fine for me.

As an alternative, install an Operating System on the clients and get
rid of viruses for good. Rationale: we were running 4 virus scanners at
once and that still would not have prevented us from being infected with
(to mention just two) Melissa and ILOVEYOU. Search freshmeat for anomy
or sanitze or something.
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