also sprach fontain:
> Peter Green said in June 12, that he modified the qmailmrtg stuff to work
> with multilog format....
> Do you have some infos on it ??? Where can I find that ???
> Or what shall I do if I want to use the qmailmrtg stuff ??

I've attached this a number of times to a number of lists. Instead, just
fetch it from


It works for me, it's dog-ugly, it could probably use a little more
explanation. However, of those three points, I find the first most
important. :)

Good luck!

Peter Green : Gospel Communications Network, SysAdmin : [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Actually, typing random strings in the Finder does the equivalent of
filename completion.
(Discussion in comp.os.linux.misc on the intuitiveness of commands: file
completion vs. the Mac Finder.)

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