``The "From: " header'' and ``The envelope "from " header''---I knew I
was confused the first time I read the message...

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 11:22:12AM -0500, Ben Beuchler wrote:
! My error.  I did not read your request carefully enough.  The "From: "
! header is entirely under the control of your MUA (mutt, pine, mailx,
! etc).

The address listed in the From field is what I call the header sender.
There could be a different official name for it though.

!        The envelope "from " header is controlled via your MTA (qmail, in
! this case) and can be controlled either by using the sendmail wrapper
! with a "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" or setting some environment variables
! before calling qmail-inject.

That's what I (and most people I know of) call the envelope sender, and
it does not appear in the header (unless your mailer puts it into the
Return-Path field, but it's not an obligatory behaviour).

The other thing that should be clarified is that there is _one_ header
in a message, consisting of one or more fields. For more definitions,
see http://cr.yp.to/immhf/header.html.

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