this topic has been already discussed on this list few times.

If I understand you clearly, the problem is this: someone has a huuge list
of email addresses where he wants to deliver spam. In this list are
thousands of old addresses. The spammer does not want to get all these
error messages back and therefore he forges the "From:" part of the
headers, so it looks as if someone in your domain was sending these
spams. Therefore all the error messages go to you. Since your server
must bounce these messages back and some of these bounces are unsuccessful,
they end up in your mailbox.

The only solution that I am able to come up with, is to stop bouncing
messages. You can do this by creating an empty ~alias/.qmail-default
file. After that, [EMAIL PROTECTED] will be accepted and
immediately forgotten.

However, this has some drawbacks. If someone misspells your address, 
neither him nor you will find out. You can write a script that does some
heuristics and bounces the messages back only if they come from, say, few
known domains. Or opposite, you can bounce all messages which do not
origin from your spammer.


btw, can I see a sample with full headers?

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Expert wrote:

> Hi ,
>         I'm using Qmail with spam control but , there are someone forcing to
> use my server to spam . Yesterday I received about 8000 Mailer-Daemon emails
> in my postmaster account . I checked the logs when this emails were arriving
> and I saw the message  "sorry, _no_mailbox_here_by_that_name".
>         When I looked at the body of this emails , I saw that someone was
> generating a randomic user and adding my domain so , It sent the messages to
> various email server that didn't accept the message and returned the message
> to my domain .
>         Please , I need some help urgentily !
>                             Roberto Samarone Araujo


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