"Kiran" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>1. I am not able to telnet to port 25,though i am able to send
>   mails. I belive this can be configured in one of the files.

qmail-smtpd is not properly configured. How did you install qmail?

>2. I want it to support other domains too. But the virtualdomains
>   file does not exist under the control directory. Is this created
>   automatically or can we create the same. Similar for
>   Concurrencyremote.

Config files don't exist until you create them.

>3. When i receive the mail, how do i read it. I admit i have gone
>   through all that the given but still can't make out of it. I used
>   to use pine for reading the mails.

What format is your mailbox? Maildir or mbox? If it's mbox, set the
MAIL environment variable to its absolute path, or configure pine to
look in the right place. If it's maildir, you'll need to install a
maildir-aware pine or use mutt.


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