There is a ezmlm list [EMAIL PROTECTED] where they might know more about
I personally would just create a list with the same name in the new
domain, COPY the original list's directory and replace old-domain with
new-domain in all the config, archive, etc files. Than send a couple of
messages to the newly created list and see what happens. I guess it's EZ
enough to determine whether or not it works. If it does, just repeat the
same steps, i.e. copy+change and do something about the old list address.


Don't worry, be Kneppie!


> I cant seem to find any referene to doing this anywhere so here
> goes. I have a couple of lists that have about 6 months worth of
> archives that I don't want to lose, but for political reasons I need
> to change the domain name of the list. Nothing else will be changing
> (including the server or the list name.. nothing) All I need to change
> is the domain name the list operates under. How can I do this?? Or how
> can I recreate the list and move the archives over. I know/hope there
> must be a way to do this.
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