I know it's a bit OT here, but given the collective knowledge on RFC822
that gathers here, I hope someone can help me a bit. Besides, its MTA
related after all   ;)

        I'm sending mail from a perl script and I have one var (or config
setting) for the 'To:' field. This script uses Net::SMTP to deliver its
load directly into a sendmail box. 

        Now if I insert 2 addresses, like '[EMAIL PROTECTED],
[EMAIL PROTECTED]', and there's a qmail at scim.net everything's
allright. Now some hosts don't like this: I'm having problems because
relay.sion.com rejects my 'To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]'. 

        I've tried it with qmail-inject, manually feeding it with a 'To:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]' and it doesn't bounce!

        Reading RFC822 (at http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/htbin/rfc/rfc822.html)
I can see the appendix A, in the item A.1.5., it looks like it should be
valid. In fact at A.3.3. there's an example that looks very much like

        I'll find a workaround in the meantime, but, am I wrong to think its
allright to have a comma-delimited To: field?


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