> I made two mistakes, when I wrote that I want to have a cdb ;-)
> We're currently experiencing some temporary performance problems with
> our qmail server. This is due to large smtproutes and rcpthosts files
> and some I/O bottleneck on the disk they're located.
> Mistake 1) A cdb wouldn't help with this problem, as its usually even
>    slightly larger
> Mistake 2) virtualdomains is only read once and kept im memory. Making
>    a cdb out of virtualdomains wouldn't help with the bottleneck ;-)

Right. But you're assuming that qmail-send would read the whole of
virtualdomains in at startup when it's a cdb file. I would imagine
a more sensible strategy would be to read the relevant entry per
email - as is done with the other cdb files.


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