Hi guys,

            I am looking for a solution to remove most of the headers in
a message,
            so that the recepient cannot see any info of my internal

            Looking thru the archives of this mailing list, I can see
            that most ppl would recommend using the
            qmail-queue patch + qmail-qfilter or qmail-masq to do the

After Removing headers it should look something like this: -


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            My questions are:

            1) Is there any other way to do the job, maybe even a
different MTA
            ( Sorry, i know this is a qmail list but i'll go for what
does the job best )

            2) If I am already using qmail-scanner, with the qmail-queue
environment set, how
            do i call qmail-qfilter?

Thks in advance,
Paul Tan

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