Yes, this is a bug.  Is Dan going to issue a qmail-1.04?
He was very prompt in issuing qmail-1.03 when a bug was discovered in
qmail-smtpd's handling of a null envelope recipient.
p.s. Apologies to mycroft.  No, I didn't understand his description of 
the problem he was trying to solve.

Pavel Kankovsky writes:
 > On 8 Aug 2001, John R. Levine wrote:
 > > Like I said:
 > > 
 > > > It's true, qmail doesn't work the way you might first have guessed it
 > > > does.  That doesn't mean it's wrong.
 > The fact qmail--or any other piece of software--does something does not
 > mean it is correct.
 > Executive summary: qmail breaks VERP under certain circumstances.
 > Let H be a host running qmail, A and B users at H, and V a virtual domain
 > redirected to B@H. Let X@V, i.e. B-X@H, be forwarded to some other, maybe
 > remote, address, say K@L. Now, let's assume A uses
 >      QMAILINJECT=r qmail-inject X@V
 > to send a "VERPed" message M to X@V. M is forwarded to K@L. Now, let's
 > assume the delivery to K@L fails and the message is bounced back to A.
 > Well, it should be bounced to A-X=V@H, shouldn't it? After all, A sent the
 > message to X@V, and VERP is supposed to preserve the *original* recipient
 > address. Indeed, qmail-inject's manpage says:
 > >        r      Use a per-recipient VERP.  qmail-inject will append each
 > >               recipient address to the envelope sender of the copy going
 > >               to that recipient.
 > Unfortunately, the return address in the scenario described above is
 >      A-B-X=V@H
 > Is A supposed to know "B-" is superflous (if and only if the domain is V!)
 > and should be removed? Is A supposed to analyze qmail's configurations
 > files in order to fix something that should have never been broken? (BTW:
 > I cannot find any code analyzing virtualdomains in ezmlm. Am I blind?)
 > A does not care what is recorded in Delivered-To or what a program run
 > from ~B/.qmail-V-... sees in its environment. A cares what qmail does when
 > he sends a message and asks qmail to use VERP.
 > Is this scenario purely artifical? Not at all. It is easy to imagine a
 > host run by some ISP-like company hosting both an email forwarding service
 > implemented as a virtual domain and some mailing lists.
 > P.S. I wonder whether we will see any reaction from DJB himself.
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