Wolfgang Pichler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  i've installed qmail on my SuSE 7.2 running nearly perfectly. Nearly
> because of one problem: My queue gets larger and larger, the problem is that
> qmail-send -> qmail-remote waits really long (about 1 day in some cases) to
> start delivery for some messages. (Only some recipent mail servers).

qmail is encountering delivery problems to those servers for some
messages.  This is normal; some of the bigger mail networks (Yahoo,
Hotmail, etc) experience huge surges in demand that they aren't always
prepared for, and smaller networks simply sometimes aren't available.

> I really don't know on what qmail-remote fails (if i telnet to this
> mail servers on port 25 everthing works really fine).

It's not "failing"; it's simply unable to successfully deliver a message
at this time.  That delivery is deferred, and qmail will try again

> I need something that processes immediadtly all messages in the queue
> - else i will get realy big problems. QMail is running supervised and
> "qmail-tcpok + svc -a qmail-send" doesn't send all messages in the
> queue.

qmail-tcpok + ALRM to qmail-send will make qmail immediately retry all
messages in the queue -- however, this can't guarantee that those
deliveries will succeed.  If some are deferred, they will (again) be
retried later.

This is just the way the internet and SMTP work; you can't change it.

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