On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 08:26:43PM +0000, MarkD wrote:
> > argument, the name of the local user to verify.  This patch makes
> > qmail-lspawn call qmail-getpw with two arguments; the name and the domain
> > of the local user to verify.  This, together with a modified qmail-getpw,
> > will enable qmail to differentiate between the local domains that the
> > server is hosting.
> I have never checked, but I wonder whether the qmail-ldap guys have
> had to do the same thing?

No. You need to forget aboy some qmail stuff when using qmail-ldap. We just
have user accounts and assigned mail addresses. VEry straightforward. A
simple (simplyfied) user entry looks like

dn: cn=brahe, ou=intern, dc=bsws, dc=de
cn: brahe
userPassword: {crypt}censored
uid: brahe
mailAlternateAddress: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
mailAlternateAddress: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

and so on.
Basically, in qmail-lspawn a search using the filter
is done, where address is the full rcpt address.

For auth'ing the uid and userPassword attributes count. There is no need in
qmail-ldap to distinguisch between local part and domain part in an address,
and there is no relation between email addresses and uids except that they
belong to an user account. 
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