yes, you for sure are right this questions are answered in a FAQ or lWQ
i guess ;)

qmail serves all unix users on your local system as .. umm local users
even :) 
They have to have a home dir and a Maildir (depending on your setup
using LWQ) as regular unix have, thats how it works. 

But, not just for the comfort, i recommend you using vpopmail
(, because it supports so called virtual
domains. And also the "main" domain can be a virtual.

Whats the most advantage part of it, also on small systems? IMHO its
because, regular users do have its own UID and GID (user id group id),
virtual users (using vpopmail) only takes one UID/GID to manage them
Another advantage, there are good tools to administer them all with your
webbrowser. Just have a try at YOu can
add/del/ set their passwords etc etc.. 

Anton Pirnat

Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:
> I've gone throuhg lwq and have just finished installing qmail-pop3d and
> checkpassword for qmail. They seem to be working.
> However lwq is a little short on how to actually add POP3 user accounts. Can
> anyone point me to some documentation on how to add POP3 users? (If this is
> a FAQ or in lwq sorry for asking but I did look and couldn't find it).
> Also there aren't any local users, so I don't want to do anything like
> setting up a seperate $HOME/username directory for every user ... if
> avoidable.
> Thanks!
> Jc
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