On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 02:55:35PM +0100, John Portwin allegedly wrote:
> Our /var drive partition ran completely out of space earlier; it houses
> the queue and the logs. /home is on a different partition, and has plenty
> of space. A quick rm -rf sorted that one out, and a new drive is on its
> way in, but..
> How would this have affected qmail? Could we have lost any mail, or
> would it be deferred (to our secondary MX)?

You will not have lost any mail that comes via qmail-smtpd. Whether
these attempted deliveries were deferred or sent to your secondary MX
is a decision that the sending end makes. Probably a mixture of both.

One issue that this sort of problem brings up is that very few
scripts/local programs properly check the results of an email
submission via qmail-inject (or the sendmail wrapper). So, if you had
scripts or cronjobs that submitted mail during that time, that mail
may have never made it to the queue.


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