OS: Linux 2.4.4-smp with iptables v 1.2.1a
with rcpt-server i mean the mean the highest prior MX server from the dns
I have no mail server in DMZ
I've used the following rule:
  iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport smtp -s myip -j -m state --state

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>>>>> On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 16:56:32 +0200, "Wolfgang Pichler"

> Hi


> It's a little bit off topic,


> but does anywhere know which ports to open on my firewall so that
> qmail works correctly.

25 outbound if you only want to send e-mail to external sites. 25
inbound as well if you have a mail server in a DMZ.

> At the moment I've opend dns,smtp and pop3 but when i activate the
> firewall some messages can't be delivered (wasn't able to establish
> an smtp connection),

Log entries? Kernel details? OS even? There is a big diff between
Linux and FreeBSD. Hec, there is a big diff between Linux v2.0, v2.2
and v2.4 firewalling. How are we meant to help you if we don't even
know the foundation?

> but when i try to telnet to the specified rcpt-server everything
> works really fine.

rcpt-server = really crazy parrot tarot-server? What do you mean,
rcpt-server? Do you mean the remote MX?

> So what happend here ? (if i open the firewall for everything, then
> the messages are leaving the queue)

Nice... I think it's probably safer you leave the firewall
open. Really.
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