#include <imho.h>

On Tue, Aug 14 2001, Jean-Christian Imbeault <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> My original plan was to install qmail - VMailMgr - Courrier-IMAP. But after 
> a little reading I find out that Courrier-IMAP has it own email server 
> implementation. So it seems that qmail is not needed?

Yeah, it seams so.

> Am I right? If so what are the advantages/disadvantages to either using 
> qmail with the Courrier-IMAP engine or just using Courrier as the mail and 
> IMAP server?

No, you're wrong.  There're some nifty features like userauth and tlsauth in
courier, but just look into the source  code.  I don't say that's a mess but
there're some design flaws in that what are missing from qmail.

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