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I have qmail 1.03, with tcpserver, vpopmail and qmailscanner and when I test my 
network for vulnerabilities using
AXENT Netrecom 3.0 the following security results is displayed about my qmail server 

SMTP allows remote command execution via recipient filter.
Risk: 86
Description: Attackers can execute arbitrary shell commands by addressing e-mail to a 

    Note: If your SMTP software does not support filters, this is not a vulnerability. 
if you are not sure if your SMTP
             software supports filters, contact your vendor. This vulnerability aplies 
primarily to UNIX systems.
Solution: Upgrade or replace your SMTP server, or verify that it does not support 

Questions: Anybody know anything about this? Where can I get additional information 
about this? This Results checks is True or false? 

(Sorry by my poor english)

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Agnaldo Mariano Monteiro

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