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.) Be sure you're running the latest spamdyke (4.2.0). 4.1.x versions had a bug where rejected sessions would not terminate immediately, causing excessive idle smtp sessions (and ultimately TIMEOUTs). That may no be affecting you, but you should check to be sure. Run qtp-install-spamdyke to upgrade to the latest version.

.) I would recommend installing fail2ban. This will automatically ban IP addresses which have several failed login attempts. There doesn't appear to be a wiki page about this yet (ANY TAKERS??), but you should find info about it in the list archives. Someone here should be able to help if you run into difficulty with it. (Not me though, as I haven't implemented it yet).

.) 25 smtp sessions is rather low. I've seen a Celeron 1GH processor handle twice that number. You might need to bump up the spamassassin child processes to get there, but it should be doable. What are your HW specs?

That's all that comes to my mind right now. Let us know how you make out.

Thanks Eric!
I updated spamdyke this morning.

I have a Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 1354 cpu MHz : 1100.000 with 1Gb RAM. Using 25 sessions, in a normal day its never gets past 20 of 25. I thought about raising them, but they will all get used by spammers. What about those child processes you mentioned?

I am also looking at fail2ban.

@Carlos: Graylisting is not working because mail is not accepted, but the sessions are used anyway.

Thanks guys!

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