Thanks, Rajesh.

I didn't know about this 'mount --bind'

You could also do a symlink.

# qmailctl stop

# systemctl stop dovecot

# cp -p /home/vpopmail/domains /highcapacity

# mv /home/vpopmail/domains /home/vpopmail/domains.bak

# ln -s /highcapacity /home/vpopmail/domains

Something like that.


I think you can change the default home directory for vpopmail as well, but it involves more.


On 8/29/2017 10:21 AM, Rajesh M wrote:
stop qmail mysql dovecot spamassassin clam etc

/bin/mount --bind    /highcapacity    /home/vpopmail/domains

restart the above services

create a sample domain ;  and then check if folder is correctly 
created by
dir /highcapacity

dir /home/vpopmail/domains will also show the same folder.

this is how we use

you can even mount a one or more domain to another drive by

/bin/mount --bind /highcapacity/ 

we use in the above manner


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From: Agni Isador H []
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Dear All,

Need your help, how to change default folder vpopmail to the other
folder, because
i want to use the other centos with high capacity disk.


Agni Isador H

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