It looks like you'll need to download the spamdyke source and compile it as follows:

1) ./configure --with-vpopmail-support VALIAS_PATH=/path/to/valias VUSERINFO_PATH=/path/to/vuserinfo

2) make

3) make install

4) vi /etc/spamdyke/spamdyke.conf (Add) recipient-validation-command=/path/to/spamdyke-qrv

I'd ask on the spamdyke mailing list to make sure.

Also, qmail needs to be recompiled to disable chkuser.

On 9/13/2017 9:59 PM, Rajesh M wrote:

noted that spamdyke is checking port 25 for the number of emails in one 
session, mx dns, etc

lot of duplicate functions between spamdyke and chkusr

is there any reason to continue keeping chkusr ?

can spamdyke also handle cases when emails from outside are sent to non-exiting 
recipients ?


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