Hi Eric

Here's another thing we noticed. When setting up the autoresponder no matter what you enter into the 'Send Copy to' field when you go to edit the autoresponder later you see :

/usr/bin/autorespond 10000 5 /home/vpopmail/domains/xxxxx.com/AUTO11/message /home/vpopmail/domains/xxxx.comt/AUTO11'

in that field.


On 9/20/2017 11:26 AM, Eric Broch wrote:

Hi Jeff,

I noticed this the other day. I had to downgrad qmailadmin myself:

# yum downgrade qmailadmin

  Installing : qmailadmin-1.2.16-1.qt.el7.x86_64
  Cleanup    : qmailadmin-1.2.16-2.qt.el7.x86_64
  Verifying  : qmailadmin-1.2.16-1.qt.el7.x86_64
  Verifying  : qmailadmin-1.2.16-2.qt.el7.x86_64

If Laurentiu Grigore is out there can you give a status on you qmailadmin password fix, can you fix this?


On 9/20/2017 8:54 AM, Jeff Koch wrote:

When we setup a new autoresponder (robot) the toaster seems to be automatically inserting the following text in the autoresponder message. Anybody know how to make it stop doing that?

Password MUST be 6-8 characters, contain at least 1 upper case and 1 lower case letter,<br>and at least one number to be secure. Example: mYpass95 Sorry, we no longer dynamically forward email to Yahoo, AOL, Gmail or Hotmail\naccounts. This practice inadvertently forwards spam and causes blacklisting\nissues with these providers.
Please review and try again.
Your password must be minimum 8 characters in length.
Your password is missing Numbers.
Your password can not contain Symbols or Spaces.
Your password is missing Uppercase Letters.
Your password is missing Lowercase Letters.
Password fields do not match.


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