I’m in the process of setting up a new qmailtoaster box for the first time in 
many years, and I’m checking over the install scripts. It looks like Eric has 
done an amazing job of packaging the process.

My tool of choice for system administration now is Ansible 
(https://www.ansible.com/), which allows you to write ‘playbooks’ that list 
tasks to be carried out to set up software. For me, Ansible is pretty much at 
the sweet spot for the tradeoff between power and simplicity, but there are 
other near-alternatives such as Chef, Puppet and Terraform.

The qt_install.sh script isn’t suitable for running via Ansible, because it 
prompts the user at various points (Ansible is non-interactive). What I’d 
probably need to do in order to install QMT via Ansible is convert the whole 
script to an Ansible playbook. Fortunately, the script is very clear and not 
that complex, so this looks quite achievable.

So I have three questions before I dive in:

  1. Has anyone else tried to write an Ansible role for qmailtoaster?
  2. Is the script as it stands reasonably stable/unlikely to change 
significantly in the near future?
  3. Do any of the commands that the script invokes also prompt for input?

Thanks in advance for any help,


P.S. If I do get a working Ansible role to deploy QMT, I’ll open-source once 
I’m satisfied that it’s more or less stable and useful.
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