Here's qmailtoaster dkim; although, there is no SMTP checking. It will have to be patched for that.

On 11/11/2017 9:38 AM, Chris wrote:
I've got a few users on my server that forward their email to gmail, and sometimes my server accepts email that gmail rejects bounces back to me.  When that happens I try to see if there is something I could have done better on my server so that I wouldn't have accepted that email in the first place. Today I had a bounce with the following message:

Remote host said: 550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email <>is not accepted due to domain's 550-5.7.1 DMARC policy. Please contact the administrator <>domain if
550-5.7.1 this was a legitimate mail. Please visit
550-5.7.1 learn about the
550 5.7.1 DMARC initiative. i6si10846092pgt.798 - gsmtp

Looking at the message and the headers, it was clearly spam with a forged sender.  It's exactly the kind of email I don't want to accept, let alone forward to another service.

How can I add DMARC policy checking to my filter path, to prevent my server from accepting this junk in the first place?


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