DKIM: https://github.com/qmtoaster/dkim/blob/master/README.md

On 12/13/2017 1:07 PM, jin&hitman&Barracuda wrote:
I would like to enable dkim on our qmail server. It just serves up te domain and i found a article how to achieve that. The article i followed is publishing on : "http://wiki.qmailtoaster.com/index.php/Domainkeys <http://wiki.qmailtoaster.com/index.php/Domainkeys>"

My toaster works on CentOS6.8 and build number is 1.03-1.3.20.x86_64

I track down that article and trying to sign only outgoing mails. I just realize that there are many different ways to setup dkim support on qmail. Like replacing qmail-remote executable file with scripted ones.

Can i ask that this wiki article is still usable on nowadays ?

When i finish my setup, i sent some mails and there was no dkim signature.

How can i go further ?


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White Horse Technical Consulting (WHTC)

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