Hi Rajesh,

Thank you! I appreciate your sentiments and hope your New Year brings blessings of health and happiness as well.

This is a better link:


which will show you how to implement per domain.

Remember this is only signing messages going out. As of yet there is no dkim checking coming in, I'm looking into that.


On 1/2/2018 7:50 AM, Rajesh M wrote:

Wish you a wonderful New Year, full of health and happiness.

I wish to implement  dmarc on my qmailtoaster servers

i am using centos6 64 bit with the latest versions of qmailtoaster

SPF is already being used on my server

Concerning dkim, currently my  qmail-queue is symlinked to qmail-queue.orig and 
not pointing to qmail-dk

qmail-queue -> qmail-queue.orig

could you please guide me on the implementation of DMARC

i am planning to implement this for all the domains in my server.

I saw this link while searching for a solution.


Should i follow these steps as per the above link or would you like recommend 
some other document.

thanks as always,

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