I confirm you: after 1 hour the problem caming back

I prefer do not stop clamav. I've create a script who check every few minutes "/var/log/clamd/clamd.log" and if there is an errore it restart clamav

thank you
Michele Federici
Il 26/01/2018 17:18, Havrla ha scritto:

Restart clamav fix only for cca 1 hour. After problem back.

I turned off simscan for clamav.   
file /var/qmail/control/simcontrol

/etc/init.d/qmail cdb

I'm waiting for another update clamav (antivir base).
We'll see tomorrow.


Dne 26.1.2018 v 17:08 Michele Federici napsal(a):


I have more than 200 GB free.

But i think is the current clamav signature problem. This post is similar http://lists.clamav.net/pipermail/clamav-users/2018-January/005658.html

If i restart clamav works all fine.

Thank you

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