Per the previous thread, I tried updating to ClamAV 0.99.3-2 on my CentOS 7 box.

The services are not created properly. I tried both the yum update via the test repository and also tried downloading the RPM from and installing via rpm -Uvh. Both have the same issue.

Prior to installing, my toaststat shows this.

systemd service:    clamav-daemon.service:       [  OK  ]
systemd service:     clamav-daemon.socket:       [  OK  ]
systemd service:         clamav-freshclam:       [  OK  ]

After installing, my toaststat shows this.

systemd service:         clamav-freshclam:       [  FAILED  ]

With no services created for clamav-daemon.

Also, with this situation if I enable clam in my simcontrol file, it doesn't work.

Thanks, Gary

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