Thanks Jeff. Just to make sure, if I do that edit it doesn't affect any existing passwords? Only inputting any new passwords or changing any passwords?

Also, I guess a user can still change their password via squirrelmail and bypass these rules? That rarely happens on my server, but just want to make sure I understand.

Thanks, Gary

On 4/4/2018 11:03 PM, Jeff Koch wrote:
You can insert _javascript_ password rules in the html code templates for qmailadmin.

Here's a simple password strength _javascript_ that goes in the top of mod_user.html


function passwordStrength(password)
        var desc = new Array();
        desc[0] = "Very Weak";
        desc[1] = "Weak";
        desc[2] = "Better";
        desc[3] = "Medium";
        desc[4] = "Strong";
        desc[5] = "Strongest";

        var score   = 0;

        //if password bigger than 7 give 1 point
        if (password.length > 7) score++;

        //if password has both lower and uppercase characters give 1 point
        if ( ( password.match(/[a-z]/) ) && ( password.match(/[A-Z]/) ) ) score++;

        //if password has at least one number give 1 point
        if (password.match(/\d+/)) score++;

        //if password has at least one special characther give 1 point
        if ( password.match(/.[!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,?,_,~,-,(,)]/) ) score++;

        //if password bigger than 12 give another 1 point
        if (password.length > 12) score++;

         document.getElementById("passwordDescription").innerHTML = desc[score];
         document.getElementById("passwordStrength").className = "strength" + score;

         if (score > 2 ) {
           document.getElementById("btnSubmit").disabled = false;
           document.getElementById("btnSubmit").disabled = true;

         return score;


then further along in the code we have:

                                  <td align="left" class="style1">
                                    <input type="password" name="password2" maxlength=128 size=16>
                        <td align=right><span class="style1">Password strength:</span></td>
                        <td align="left"><span class="style1"><div id="passwordDescription">Password not entered</div></td>
                        <td align=right><span class="style1"></span></td>
                        <td align="left"><span class="style1">
                        <div id="passwordStrength" class="strength0"></div>
<tr><td colspan=2 align=left>
<span class="style1">Passwords must be at least eight characters and include three of the following four types: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters.</span>

Regards, Jeff

On 4/4/2018 6:51 PM, Gary Bowling wrote:

Last time I checked it was either not possible or not easy to implement password rules one the toaster. But that was a long time ago.

Has anything changed in that regard?

Gary Bowling
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