It uses 587 you could use that to change port. It should work. 

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> On Aug 11, 2018, at 5:36 PM, Andrew Swartz <> wrote:
> I just installed qmailtoaster onto CentOS-7.  The qt_install script
> opened port 465 on the firewall.  However, s_client cannot connect to
> port 465 and netstat shows that nothing is listening on port 465.
> Can anyone point me at appropriate instructions for setting up listening
> on port 465 which are specific (or applicable) to qmailtoaster?  I
> searched and found nothing. I did some general
> googling and found several somewhat conflicting descriptions but I'm
> unsure which apply to the configuration used in qmailtoaster.
> My interest is because 465 has been reinstated (in Jan 2018) as the
> preferred submission port due to security problems with STARTTLS
> (
> Thanks,
> -Andy

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