I looked through the qt-backup and qt-restore scripts on github.

They seem intended for backup and restore to the same model toaster
where EVERYTHING is essentially identical. That seems less applicable
when upgrading by two centos versions which is accompanied by newer
versions of the adjunct software packages (i.e. spamassassin,
squirrelmail, etc).

In my case, I just want to transfer the mail and the login credentials.
I'm fine with squirrelmail, spamassassin, etc. reverting to installation
defaults. Also, I've mostly configured the stuff in qmail/control; the
only thing I need to transfer there is the dkim stuff, which should not
be very labor intensive to do manually.


Does this seem like a reasonable plan to transfer the mail and the login

1. use a subset of the qt-backup and qt-restore code for backing up and
restoring JUST the MYSQL data (i.e. the vpopmail database). I would just
cut and paste the segment of code into two very small new scripts.

2. rsync /home/vpopmail/domains

Would there be anything else necessary to move the accounts to the new


On 8/14/2018 6:30 PM, Remo Mattei wrote:
> I would like to check that out too since I need to move some accounts
> from a 5x box. I just moved one domain and the steps I had to do is add
> the domain / users on the new server and then I did an rsync 
>  I wish I did not have to create an account but then it means I have to
> copy the db over. I guess it’s a catch 22.
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> Il giorno 14 ago 2018, alle ore 19:19, Eric Broch
> <ebr...@whitehorsetc.com <mailto:ebr...@whitehorsetc.com>> ha scritto:
>> I went through the qt-backup and rsync'd the necessary directories and
>> dumped the vpopmail database and restored it on the new machine. Let
>> me take a look at my replicate script and I'll get it to you.
>> On 8/14/2018 7:17 PM, Andrew Swartz wrote:
>>> Do I just rsync the /home/vpopmail directories?  Or is there
>>> data/settings elsewhere also?
>>> -Andy
>>> On 8/14/2018 4:40 PM, Eric Broch wrote:
>>>> Maria and MySQL have the same commands you should be okay with a
>>>> restore.
>>>> Other things are different like spamassassin /etc/mail/spamassassin vs
>>>> /etc/spamassassin.
>>>> If I had the servers side by side I wouldn't use backup and restore, I'd
>>>> use rsync.
>>>> On 8/14/2018 11:09 AM, Andrew Swartz wrote:
>>>>> Does anyone know if these will do a backup of a centos-5 toaster and
>>>>> restore to a centos-7 toaster?
>>>>> vpopmail seems unchanged, but mysql has changed to mariadb and courier
>>>>> has changed to dovecot.
>>>>> I have very little database knowledge.  I'm fearful of the restore
>>>>> causing disaster on the new toaster.
>>>>> -Andy
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