Thanks for the heads up!

I will point out that there are MULTIPLE webmail interfaces that are compatible 
with QMail – SquirrelMail comes pre-packaged with QMToaster, and I always add 
RoundCube mail as an upgrade…

However, did you know that you can run ALL of them simultaneously?

If you want my roundcube client, just log into: or (I advertise the latter)

If you want my SquirrelMail client, just log into

You can easily add others – you just have to configure the virtualhosts in your 
apache config properly.

Best Regads,

Dan McAllister

QMT DNS & Mirror Admin

From: Remo Mattei <>
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2018 11:13 PM
Subject: [qmailtoaster] Rainloop removed squirrelmail

Hello guys, I installed rainloop and removed squirrelmail looks nice, =
fast, supports lots of options.


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