Hi  Giuseppe,
  Try this from the command line

vsetuserquota u...@example.com 20000000000
vsetuserquota u...@example.com 2000M

vuserinfo u...@example.com

or enter the number of bytes ie 20000000000

This will change the account size.

best wishes
  Tony White

On 9/11/18 6:35 pm, Giuseppe Perna wrote:

please help me.

Il giorno mer 7 nov 2018 alle ore 12:33 Giuseppe Perna <gpe...@srlsigea.eu 
<mailto:gpe...@srlsigea.eu>> ha scritto:

    Hello i have this problem, i wont block the sender user for my domain,
    can I block a mailbox on my server and prevent sending mail?


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