I have a QMT box running on CentOS 7. The mariadb packages installed are 
upgrades of those that are part of the core CentOS 7 repositories. As such, 
currently I have installed:


I now have another thing I’m trying to get working on the server. It requires 
the -client package. However, I cannot find that package in any of the CentOS 7 
repositories. The only place I can find it is in the MariaDB repositories … 
which then attempt to install Galera clustering, which I absolutely do not 
want. (They also fail in the upgrade attempt, but that’s beside the point.)

I have noticed that the MariaDB repository packages are camel-cased names 
(MariaDB-client rather than mariadb-client). I have tried Google without any 
success so far. Does anyone know where I can get either src.rpm or .rpm for 
these versions of mariadb-client, mariadb-common, mariadb-shared ?

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