On 3/1/2019 6:38 AM, Jeff Koch wrote:
Hi - is this list still active? I have not seen any messages for the past month.

Regards, Jeff Koch

On 1/22/2019 8:37 AM, Eric Broch wrote:


I've never used vpopmaild, but...Have a look here:

I think you can tailor the location of the run script to match the current qmail configuration in /var/qmail/supervise/


On 1/22/2019 6:17 AM, Leonardo Porto wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am using Roundcube with my new qmailtoaster centos7 installation. But I did not installed it using yum, I downloaded it from roundcube website and run installation script, I guess it is the same result. I trying to use the password plugin, it seems its default db driver does not work with qmail/vpopmail, so I tryed vpopmaild. I run vpopmaild in command line using tcpserver and succefully changed the password in roundcube - I could see it working in command line. Now I suppose I have to create supervise files for vpopmaild... is that the usual method? Or you guys use something else?


Eric Broch
White Horse Technical Consulting (WHTC)

Eric Broch
White Horse Technical Consulting (WHTC)

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