Hi Remo,
  Your mail server reverse with these names.

host domain name pointer qmail7.italy1.com. domain name pointer q7.italy1.com. domain name pointer mail.italy1.com.

If your ssl certificate is only for qmail7 and you are using either
q7 or mail then maybe this is the issue.

See if your outlook setup is using the qmail7 server name if not change
it to it and try again.

best wishes
  Tony White

On 26/5/19 9:25 am, Remo Mattei wrote:

I added to several places in the windows.. drives me nuts! But still get popups!


On May 25, 2019, at 07:58, Tony White <t...@ycs.com.au 
<mailto:t...@ycs.com.au>> wrote:

openssl s_client -connect your.server.name:443

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