Hi Chris:

We'll create an instance with a 500GB root disk of standard SSD storage - I believe that is Elastic Block Storage. Not sure what you mean by EFS.


On 6/8/2019 7:01 PM, Chris wrote:
Out of curiosity, are you planning on keeping your message store on EBS or EFS?

On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 9:21 AM Jeff Koch <jeffk...@intersessions.com <mailto:jeffk...@intersessions.com>> wrote:

    Hi Eric - thanks - based on the great responses from the list I'm
    going with the CentOS 7 AMI. Jeff

    On 6/8/2019 2:16 PM, Eric Broch wrote:

    Hi Jeff,

    Be mindful of the openssl version on this AWS Linux. QMT/COS7 use
    openssl-1.0.2k. Openssl-1.1.1 will require a patched QMT.


    On 6/7/2019 5:21 PM, Jeff Koch wrote:

    Has anyone tried running QMT7 on Amazon AWS? We have a new
    instance with Linux kernel 4.14, x86_64, systemd 219, GCC 7.3,
    Glibc 2.26, Binutils 2.29.1,. I'm wondering whether we can just
    load the rpms and qmail will run.


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