In this directory you'll find everything I use:

The bash scripts are for learning notspam (ham) and spam you can change the IMAP directories to suit yourself. The most effective method I've found for dspam is to train on error. After dspam is set up start manually moving email in your IMAP client.

If spam ends up in you inbox move it to the spam folder for training. The script will train dspam and move it to the 1-learned folder. If a message in the 1-learned folder is ham move it to the 1-notspam folder for training.

the . (dot) scripts (.qmail and .mailfilter) are for running mail through dspam and automatically moving mail to the spam folder. You'll need to install maildrop if it isn't already installed.

Included in the .mailfilter scripts is my out-of-office (vacation) tool. If you send yourself a message with subject 'out of office' with any combination of upper and lower case letters it will trigger autorespond. What you type in the message body will be the vacation message. To deactivate autorespond simply send yourself another message with 'out of office'.


On 10/25/2019 3:12 AM, Stevan Stevic wrote:
Hi list,
i receve too many spam messages on server.

Does anyone have a dspam learning script (bash).

I  would  also  like  all  messages  that meet the spam criteria to be
transferred to the user's spam folder.

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