I had similar problems, that user it spamming domains with specific list of users. I went and configured fail2-ban to ban all the failed attempts to smtp,imap,pop and submission. Much more universal and works for newcomers as well. All problems went away real fast and my maillog stopped being so huge (now fail2-ban.log is growing thou :D).


On 14.01.2020 17:47, Eric's mail wrote:
Can you ask on the spamdyke mailing list?

Eric's email, phone

On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 8:44 AM -0700, "Tony White" <t...@ycs.com.au <mailto:t...@ycs.com.au>> wrote:

        Can someone tell how to block using spamdyke
    using only the username with no domain please?
        I have an attacker always using the same username
    but from many many ip addresses.
        I have not found anything on the spamdyke site to
    help so any ideas are gratefully acceptde.

-- best wishes
        Tony White

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