I've done a test upgrade of a cloned server from Courier to Dovecot. So far, it's working well with most email clients, but when I reconfigure MailMate to connect to the new server, it gives me this error ([screenshot](https://send.strangecode.com/f/screen-shot-2022-10-18-at-23-51-55.png)):

The so-called UIDVALIDITY value of the mailbox “INBOX” has changed. MailMate has to resynchronize the mailbox, that is, purge the local cache and refetch the messages of the mailbox.

I'm pretty sure I ran the [courier-dovecot-migrate.pl](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dovecot/tools/main/courier-dovecot-migrate.pl) script successfully.

I'm connecting via IMAP, so I don't think the `pop3_uidl_format` config option comes into play here. Anyways, the [Dovecot migration guide](https://wiki1.dovecot.org/Migration/Courier) says: *“With the v1.1+ migration script you can use any pop3_uidl_format, because the UIDLs are stored directly in the dovecot-uidlist file.”*.

I just let MailMate resynchronize my test mailbox, and it worked fine after that (it only asked me to do it once). However, I would like to prevent any of our users having to resynchronize mailboxes, if possible.


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