You can change the skin in the config file, not nesr my computer now so dont 
remember location

On Nov 19, 2022, 6:59 PM, at 6:59 PM, Tony White <> wrote:
>   It seems the default skin is "larry" yet there is no
>skin by that name. The only one in the skins folder is "elastic".
>Changed the default to elastic and it all works now.
>Tony White
>On 20/11/22 12:34, Tony White wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>>   I am at a loss here and cannot find a cure.
>> After a clean install onto Rocky 8 minimum install
>> Roundcube throws this error.
>> The requested resource was not found!
>> Please contact your server-administrator.
>> Has anyone any idea as to why this happens? There is
>> no indication of the logs of an error. The error does
>> not indicate any specific file not found.
>> Any help appreciated.
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